Rise2: Decade Of Increasing Network Marketing Millionaires


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Are you ready for the decade of the Multiplying Network Marketing Millionaires?, according to a study by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, by the end of 2020, the number of affluent households that will cross the line into seven-figure status is expected to virtually double the ranks of millionaires in the United States

Also consider that we now have a new commander in chief who is also a successful  entrepreneur. Not only is he one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American History he has publicly stated on the Dave Letterman show that if he lost everything he would “..find a good Network Marketing Business and get busy”

I personally believe that there won’t just be a record numbers of millionaires but massive numbers of Network Marketing Entrepreneurs who will create substantial income levels across the board on every income level, many doing  it on a part time basis depending on their personal needs.

In the coming years record numbers of Network Marketing Entrepreneurs will not only reach millionaire status but massive numbers will be earning incomes in the  $100,000 ranges, in the  $50,000 a year range and multitudes will achieve an extra $1,000 or more per month which for many people is a life saver

I understand for many this is new territory and some skepticism my exist. But more and more people are starting to understand exactly what Robert Kiyosaki expressed in an interview with  Erric Worre. Below is a an excerpt from that interview.

Eric Worre:  “Why is network marketing such a good entrepreneurial decision”

Robert Kiyosaki:  People who work a 9-5 job have a “loser mentality” They are “are addicted to a paycheck.. if you need a paycheck you have sold your soul… you sold your mind, your body your emotions… you sit there in fear of losing that paycheck” Network Marketing is “the cure” to this loser mentality… “

(You can click here to watch the interview)

Robert Kiyosaki  also stated on a Facebook post

OLD rules of Wealth No Longer Work! “… the World has changed, however, we’re still running out of old and faulty programming.

It’s crazy!

Here’s what we’re taught through the “OLD rules of Wealth…”

#1 – Go To School
#2 – Get a Job
#3 – Work Hard
#4 – Pay Your Taxes
#5 – Save Your Money
#6 – Get Out of Debt
#7 – Invest For The Long Term
#8 – Retire

Let me ask you something – does that REALLY sound like something you can do today and succeed?


This system can’t be further from the truth.

So, we were always told to Invest our money into the Stock Market and let the Economy take care of us. The plan was always simple…

We would Invest and let other people do the hard work. We would hope to get a 10% PASSIVE Income stream from our hard work and savings. But, the reality is that we can forget these kinds of returns, we’re actually lucky if we don’t get NEGATIVE returns!

See, from Day #1, the Wealthy have known ONE thing:


…, the World has changed. It’s time we evolved as well. I still agree that in order to be wealthy, we need multiple streams of passive income, however, the approach to getting those streams – is completely different today.

Here’s the #1 advice I can give you today.

Stop relying on OTHER people to take care of your future.

Not your parents.
Not your children.
Not the Government.
No one.

Saving money and hoping that those savings will somehow lead to Wealth is absolutely a waste of time and energy. It’s such a waste that it’s downright nuts.

So, what should someone do? (end of post)


CNN Money did their own study on the 7 traits the rich have in common. And the very first trait was ENTREPRENEURSHIP If you want to succeed in the upcoming months it is time for you to throw off the old ways of thinking and embrace not just entrepreneurship but Network Marketing Entrepreneurship

Network Marketing Entrepreneurs have the potential of earning fortune 500 incomes with initial investments under $300. Try buying any Franchise for that amount of money. Look network Marketing is not easy .. it is simple but it is not easy. It requires determination and tenacity to stick with it until it starts producing.

If want to build a Network Marketing business on line you need a great opportunity to start with. So below I have listed some of my favorite Network Marketing Opportunities that I think will be winners in the coming years.

The NowLifeStyle –> http://nowlifestyle.pw/prelaunch1
In 2016, analysts reported that the global wellness economy reached $3.7 trillion and growth is expected to accelerate by 17% in the next five years. In 2017, we predict there will be a tremendous opportunity for network marketers to meet the needs of health-focused consumers

The NowLifeStyle is the embodiment of the heath and wellness industry. It was started by Internet Marketing guru and health and fitness coach Joel Therien. It is not simply about exercise or eating heathier it is about living heathier .. this could very will be the next billion-dollar company.

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22 Social—>http://www.22s.com/refer/9199
(Facebook is no longer optional. If you are in business you must use this Social Media Platform.  However, the real power of Facebook is hidden and must be unleashed through 3rd Party apps. For businesses, both home-based and non-home-based, there is only one app that you need and it is 22 Socials app, with this app you can build mini websites, create landing pages, set up paid Facebook groups, hold contests and much more .. all within the Facebook environment. (Not really Network Marketing but still a great opportunity for you to use the power of Facebook to build your business)

MyOwnMeeting  —>http://myownmeeting.com/?id=go2meeting 
Holding conference and webinars is one the most profitable practices that any business can take advantage of. But this conference software does something very few, if any, can do. That is allow you to show PowerPoint presentations, use desktop sharing, hold presentations with more than one speaker all through the most powerful meeting platform of 2016.. Facebook Live!… This is a must application for all business in 2017

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GVO WebHosting Reseller—>http://bryankinney.gogvo.com/reseller-hosting.php
One thing that is not going away is web hosting. Millions and millions of people every day need some service to host there, blogs, ecommerce stores, websites and more.  You can capitalize on this need and create residual income that is long term because once someone hosts their blog, ecommerce store etc. with you they will continue to pay you no matter what

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