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plane_with_banner_17821Are you a small business owner? An independent Contractor? A Network Marketer? Do you want to Market your business on line or through Social Media? If so you need a basic set of essential marketing tools.

You may, over time add to your marketing arsenal other tools but you must have certain essential core marketing tools if you want to have any type of success in these mediums. Unfortunately getting all of these tools can not only be costly but time consuming.

It is for you that Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) has developed the Pureleverage Suite of Online Marketing tools. Below is a breakdown of everything that you get I personally have used these tools to build my tax practice and I am currently helping other tax offices do the same.

But this is not just for Tax Offices it is for Network Marketers, Real Estate Agents, Churches, Ministries anyone who wants to market on the internet and social media.

Below is a breakdown of this incredible tool suite..

Pureleverage is a suite of tools that will allow you to effectively market your business online and create their own brand…

You absolutely need these tools to build your business online. But buying them separately can be extremely expensive. But by bundling them together GVO is able to offer you all of these eventual core tools that you need for fraction of what you would pay if tried to get them all separately. In fact it would cost you more to just pay for one of these tools than the cost of the entire suite

So please take the time to look at what you can test drive for 7 days for just a $1 and if you love it you will pay less than $25 per month for access to this entire suite of tools

Your Own Authority Blogging System

Blogging has proven to be one of the most effective ways to market any product, service, idea or point of view. But installing, maintaining updates, optimize formatting and more can make the task daunting

With GVO’s Pureleverage blogging System all of this is done for you. The System is simple to customize if you so desire. Or you can just start blogging away. It is simple, easy and fun to use.  Explore my blog, you are on it right now. Here is a link to a replay of one of the weekly training webinars that you have access to showing you how to set up and customize your blogging system

Your Very Own Auto-Responder System

An Auto-Responder is perhaps one of the most critical tools you need for marketing through Social Media and traditional Internet Marketing Systems. It is a contact management database, a mass email broadcasting System and an automatic email mailing system.

Below is a short list of why you need an auto-responder system

1- It helps you follow up with your leads – no more sending one email at a time via Gmail or Yahoo – unless you like working at a snail’s pace.

2- It helps you build your list. Through lead capture pages that you setup with your Auto-Responder anyone that lands on your capture page and provides their information will automatically be added to your various email lists. You can set up any number of customized sequential mailers for every list that you maintain

3- It helps brand you and your offers. Now that you have this list of leads, prospects, distributors, customers whatever – you can focus in on providing them more information on what you do and how you can help them just by emailing them.

4- It shows that you are a professional. This should have been number 1. Put it to you this way, there are people you admire in your industry right now that also use an Auto-Responder, they do not send out emails for their business via Gmail or Yahoo. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but as your business grows and your email list grows, you need a quick way to communicate with your list quickly on a daily basis.

5- It takes multiple contacts–  Statistic shows that it takes at least 7 contacts for someone to even start trusting you and online it actually takes more. Your Autoresponder allows you to stay in contact with and provide valuable content even if you have multiple lists with thousands of people. All it takes is a simple push of a button

The Ability To Capture 10,000 Subscribers

The cost of an Auto-Responder system is based upon the number of subscribers. Below is a comparison chart for some of the most popular Auto-Responders on the market today.

The Pureleverage System comes with a 10,000 subscriber capacity and if you ever need more you can always expand.  As you can see from the chart below it will cost you than the entire Pureleverage Tool Suite just to get a standalone 5,000 subscriber autoresponder System from any of the major Auto-Responder Services out there.  This alone makes this package well worth the cost
email comparison chartYour Very Own Video Email and Streaming

Standing out from the rest of the crowd is important for anyone trying to market anything on line. You have to make yourself seen in a mountain of emails and messages sent to people every day.

Video emails do just that! This makes you unique but it is a very underused and powerful method of making your emails stand out from among the crowd. Most people don’t do it because it is not easy. But with your Pureleverage Suite of tools you van now send video emails as easy as 1-2-3. This feature is

This feature can cost you as much as $50-$70 per month. Don’t believe me here is a link to a site that provides Video emails check it out so you can appreciate how valuable this services is –> https://bombbomb.com/pricing/

Your Very Own 100 Seat Video Webinar Meeting Room With Facebook Live Feature

When was the last time you attended a Webinar. How powerful was that?  Go To Meeting, WebX cost a lot of money to use but it is worth every penny. You can now conduct your own powerful webinars without spending one extra dime. (Click here to see GoToMeetings Price Sheet)

**NEW.. HOT OFF THE PRESES** All Pureleverage Conference Rooms now come with Facebook live streaming at no additional charge. This is HUGE!  Facebook live is HOT! And will remain so in the upcoming years. Our Live Facebook live streaming expands what you can do

Videos, Screen sharing, live interviews and more are now be done on Facebook live using your GVO Pureleverage Conference room.  Plus it automatically creates a video on Facebook of your webinar so that you can send people to see a replay of your presentation on Facebook … POWERFUL!!!!

This feature is not in the product description and I will have to send you as special link with instructions to show you how this works.  So if you join under me you will get specialized training on how to access and use this extremely powerful feature.. at no additional charge.

Facebook Fanpage System Automatic Lead Generation

Now this is going to blow you away.  No Other System Does Anything Like This!! With your Pureleverage suite of tools you will get a complete done for you lead funnel system that you can use to generate endless leads for any business that you choose.

Now there are other Lead Funnels that you can but. Russel Brunson’s Click Funnels is one of the most popular. But once again you have to pay for it. The Fanpage System is free with your Pureleverage suite of tools

Plus it has this one feature that will blow you away. If you are willing to spend about 5 minutes two to three days a week commenting, reacting and sharing posts of Joel Therrien, founder of GVO, 3-4 times per week he will deliver, every week, leads into your autoresponder system.

Even if you got just one lead per week the potential of this is awesome. Especially if you decide to become a GVO reseller because about 45% of these leads are becoming Pureleverage users

But regardless if you decided to become a GVO reseller or not having a constant and consistent source of guaranteed leads is simply priceless.

Free-Give-Away Rights For The Fanpage System

OK if you are not unduly impressed by what you are getting in your Pureleverage Suite of Tools this one feature will Blow Your Mind…  You have full Give-Away _Rights to a complete Fanpage System Lead Funnel that come with .. Get This a 500 Subscriber Auto-Responder System!

Think how Powerful this is as a lead magnet. For people opting into any of your lead capture pages, subscribing to your newsletter  or joing your team you can give them 100% Free
[+] Free Autoresponder (500 subscribers)
[+] Free Lead Capture pages
[+] Free Lead Funnel
[+} Give A-Way rights for the entire system

just this one feature is worth the cost of this entire tool suite

Weekly Training

If you are not fully blown away but all that you are getting with your Pureleverage suite of tools and are on the fence as to whether this is something you want, then maybe this will help you decide.

There is a lot of tools that come with your Pureleverage Suite and it could become overwhelming trying to figure out how to use these tools. Each one is a powerhouse all by itself.

Recognizing this, not only do you have videos and training in your back office on each of these tools GVO provides weekly training every Thursday where they take their time and go through every tool, They answer your questions, they give you ideas on how to effectively use them on social media and various other internet marketing techniques.

You can test the system for a full 7 days for just $1and if you decide it’s not for you just cancel no questions asked. But you can keep the FREE Fanpage System and you will still have a 500 subscriber Auto- Responder System with full Give-Way- Rights to use as you please.

As you can see you can pay a lot of money trying to get these tools individually or you can become a Pureleverage Suite Customer and enjoy them all for an incredibly low price under $25 per month

You also have the option earn 100% Commissions plus residual income by marketing the Pureleverage Suite of Tools as a GVO reseller.

You can click here to join or learn more about this incredibly powerful suite of tools.