How GotbackUp Saved Me

computer crash4

It was a great day and I woke up feeling pretty good, fixed myself a cup of coffee and went to fire up my somewhat new computer. And Disaster Struck!  You see I was working on a digital product to help independent contractors and business entrepreneurs reduce their tax burden. I was preparing this for an upcoming webinar that I was going to do with my friend Yvette who owns Creative Tax in Long Beach Ca.

After hours and hours of painstakingly detailed work I was ready to start uploading everything for our upcoming webinar and all of a sudden, my heart sank, a panicky feeling began to swell up within me, because without any warning at all my computer just crashed.

Nothing would work, as a veteran of crashed computers I calmed myself and began systematically going through the steps to see if  I could get everything back up and running. I was remembering the days in my tax office when I had a raid system set up just for such emergencies but since I started working from home I just never bothered to set one up.

At first I was confident that I could get everything back up and running, after all this computer was just a little over a year old but I realized nothing I did was working. It looked like I was going to have to do the one thing I dreaded most… Restoring the system back to factory conditions… for me this was a nightmare scenario.

Doing so would not only cause me to lose the work I had just done but I had over 400 gigabytes of data on my terabyte hard drive. Data that has taken me years to collect, PowerPoint presentations, articles, images, client’s data, programs but worst of all precious one of a kind pictures of my darling granddaughter.

Under my breath I cursed staples because even though I did not set up a raid system I did purchase a Terabyte, brand new Seagate Portable hard drive but the thing stopped working soon after purchasing and I never got around to replacing it. Angry, frustrated upset I finally hit the system restore erasing all the data on my computer.

Even though the system restore worked perfectly and the computer had new life working a blazing fast speeds I dreaded what came next. I could recover maybe about a third of the really old files from various older computers laying around my office but that was going to take days maybe even weeks and still I would not be able to recover the files I need and wanted the most.

And even though some of those lost files here going to cost me money what saddened me the most where those lost pictures of my beautiful granddaughter Autumn. Then I had a ray of hope. I remembered that several months ago I purchased a cloud back system called GotBackUp.

I completely forgot about it. It worked so silently in the background that I just stopped paying attention to it. And the cost was so small I barely noticed the tiny debit that came out of my account each month.   So I went to my GotBackUp account and low and behold all 400 plus gigabytes of data was saved.

With the click of a button all of my files where restored. Because I had so much data It took about a day to restore and I still had to reinstall all of my software but I was truly delighted because my granddaughter’s pictures where all there.

Moral of the story .. save yourself the anxiety and get GotBackUp. It may be just a tiny investment but it could prove to be one of the most important decision you have ever made.

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