GVO Creating Potential Help For Millions Of Americans In 2017

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For the past, several years the employment trends in the US are looking bleak. Even though the news implies that jobs are being created in record numbers that facts are somewhat different. The job participation rate is at an all-time low. Only in 1948 and 1978 was it lower that it has been over the past several years. People have given up and fewer people are working now than ever before.

Having the ability to earn a living is becoming harder and harder. The old paradigm, go to school get a good job retire comfortably, is not working anymore. Families and individuals are desperately trying to save money and make ends meet

Consider that…

In 2014 Obamas, Affordable Health Care Act will have required businesses to provide a qualified health plan to anyone who works more than 30 hour per week or pay a $2000.00 fine. In testimony before Congress the National Federation of Independent Business testified that this is a “new low”.

Every employer has been forced to define part-time employment as being under 30 hours a week and most use between 20-27.5 hours just to be safe.  This asl cut part timers income and leaves a hole in employment.

According to The University of Berkeley Center for Labor research 2.3 million workers or nearly 2% are at great risk of having hours cut below 30 hours a week. Labor advocates in the service industry are calling it the “Obama Dodge.”

When you combine this with the fact that according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics approximately 41.4% of the population over 16 is unemployed and that the last time it was this low was in 1983

Even worse for young adults and minorities

When you combine this with other sources we find that the unemployment and underemployment rates for people under 25 were more than double those for workers over 35.

And young adult Hispanic workers experience unemployment rates of 25 percent higher than those of whites, while African Americans face rates approximately double.

It is not just the younger population that is in trouble…..

According to CBS News Money Watch, many baby boomers approaching retirement are finding that they haven’t taken sufficient measures to replace their former paychecks with reliable income that lasts the rest of their lives. This represents a significant challenge for individual families and our society in general — a challenge that needs attention.

One solution for both the younger and older generations is a company by the name of Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO. GVO is a Next Gen Network Marketing Company that is on the cutting edge of today’s internet and social media technologies.

GVO and was founded in 1998 by Joel Thieren a renowned internet marketing veteran who works with many of the top marketers around the world. They began as an internet web hosting company in Canada under the name of Kiosk.

It was at the end of 1999 when I began to use his hosting service as well as some of his products such as FFA leads and super-sponder, which for that day and time was cutting edge technology, to help build my property management and tax business

He later created Hot Conference in May 2004 and Opportunity Meeting Place in 2006 both products helped him grow so big that Canada could not handle their bandwidth needs so they moved to Texas in 2008.

In 2009 Joel consolidated all his business interests under the name Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO. This name set the tone of Joel’s vision of creating virtual products that could be marketed on a global scale.

Since that time he has created many different products .. here are a few of the most successful ones

GVO Free Fanpage System

GVO wanted a way to ensure that regardless of what one’s financial situation was they would have the ability town and run there on business. So, they devised a lead generating system that anyone can get 100% for free. They also wanted everyone to be able to succeed with no excuses so not only is the Fanpage System free but included with the system at no additional charges (meaning FREE) are..

[+] A Fully functional 500 subscriber Autoresponder (500 subscribers)

[+] 3 Highly Converting Lead Capture pages

[+] Guaranteed Lead Funnel System (delivers leads every week. This is unheard of)

[+] Free Training on how to market online

[+} Free Give A-Way rights for the entire system

[+] And a lot more

With this system you have the ability to generate leads for any program you desire. Not just the GVO programs

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GVO WebHosting

GVO has been providing quality web hosting since their inception. They have numerous web hosting packages and Webhost Reseller Packages that can be tailored to your individual needs


Is a comprehensive web hosting and marketing suite designed for internet Marketers. With this package you can not only host up to 4 domains but you also get

  1. 500 subscriber Cutting Edge Auto Responder
  2. Blogger builder software that will allow you to easily build word press blogs
  3. Easy Video producer which will allow you to make quick videos on the fly
  4. A 5 seat Conference room
  5. And whole lot more all for just $9.99 per month


There is nothing more powerful for reaching people and educating them as to what you have to offer. Unfortunately, until now, using this medium has been very restrictive. Basically, all you can do is shot a video from your cellphone which limits your ability to utilize more effective teaching tools like PowerPoint and desktop sharing.

Recently GVO released a MyownMeeting Conference Software that has so many features that no other conference software product even comes close. But one cutting edge feature you want to take advantage of is its ability to expand the power of Facebook live.

With this software you can
[+] Conduct interviews and have guest speakers in real time
[+]  Show PowerPoint Presentations
[+]  Use Desk Top Sharing
[+]  Have all your Conference automatically uploaded into Facebook
[+] And More

Right now, for a limited time you can get a 500 seat Conference Room for free so you see just  how powerful this cutting edge software is


Free Marketing Lifestyle Coaching:

This is Joel’s way of giving back giving real value to anyone who wants to learn both basic and advance marketing tactics for their business. All teachers have to have made close to million dollars strictly through internet and social marketing.

No matter what type of business you have this is something you need to look into. It is 100% FREE and you don’t need a credit card ever!


This package was designed for serious Network Marketers and other small business owners who want to tap into the full power of internet marketing and social media marketing to build their business.

With this package, you get:

[+] Your own web site and a domain name (value $20 a month)
[+] Your very own auto-responder (value $30 a month)
[+] The ability to capture 10 000 leads (value $30 a month)
[+] Your very own video email and streaming (value $30 a month)
[+] Your very own video webinar meeting room (value $100 a month)
[+] *NEW* The Fanpage System Lead and Sales Generator (Priceless)
[+] And a lot more!!


And most recently GotBackUp which provides automatic unlimited backup for all of your digital devices is perhaps the most exciting product GVO has ever developed. After one year they have maintained an unheard of 92% customer retention rate.

This is another exceptional opportunity as well as a much-needed service

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But that is not the end of the story…

GVO has created an opportunity for business minded individual to build multiple residual income streams from the sale of these highly successful products. There are basically two ways entrepreneurs are using GVO to build successful businesses.

As a Web Hosting Reseller and Affiliate

  1. As a Web Host Reseller/Affiliate you can now charge people for web hosting and keep 100% of what you charge. You can even give away web hosting accounts as an incentive to get people to join your other programs
  2. You Earn Commissions from the sale of various GVO web hosting packages including HostthenProfit
  3. You earn commissions from the other web hosting Resellers/affiliates in your downline

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As A GVO Reseller:

Even though web hosting is the core of GVO they have expanded well beyond and have dedicated themselves to developing virtual products that have a global market. Both Pureleverage and Gotbackup are the first two separate standalone products that reflect this new direction and are more to come

GVO Resellers pay a monthly fee of $19.97 per month. This gives them the ability to build separate business around each of these type of GVO products. To earn commission’s as a Reseller simply becomes a user for the products that they like and start earning income from that product sales and incomes from all of their resellers.

Both types of resellers are compensated through a network marketing business model that allows you to get paid on unlimited width. As a Web Host Reseller/Affiliate you get paid to 10 levels deep and as a GVO Reseller you get paid to unlimited depth.

One thing that is unique about GVO that sets them apart from all other Network Marketing companies is that they are not dependent upon the sales made from there resellers to pay their bills and keep them in business.

Over the years, they have built a substantial income from their web hosting services and as a result they are able to higher commission’s than any other Network Marketing Company. In fact, with their GVO reseller program they pay out 100% of the commission’s on the sale of their products.

Even though you only need to pay one Reseller fee both products have separate commission structures

Click here for GotBackup Commission Structure

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Thousands of people are already generating lifetime residual income streams from just a few hundred dollars a month to over a million dollars a year just for sharing GVO products and services with others.

GVO is giving struggling families, who need to make ends meet, the opportunity to do so by tapping into a global market utilizing cutting edge internet and social media tools. My suggestion is start with the Free Fanpage System and then pick one GVO product and focus on building it into a lucrative online business

If You need any help or have any questions feel free to drop me an email at