Building Your Online Empire Part I

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Small Business Owners, Independent Contractors, Network Marketers, and all other Entrepreneurs as well as various Ministries; Are You Taking Advantage Of The Internet and Social Media to build your Online Business Empire?

Most of us understand that the internet is no longer an optional marketing platform but it is essential for any type of business or ministry to have an internet presence. In recent years most us are also waking up to the reality that it is even more essential to have a Social Media Presence especially on Facebook.

Considering that close to 25% of the entire population on planet earth has a Facebook account and that they are growing at a rate of about 15% per year makes them the absolute biggest Social Media Platform on the planet.

And when it comes to video Facebook is seriously challenging YouTube and they are proving to be far more effective for business and ministries  in their ability to get viewership.

When you understand how to use their ad platform  Facebook is a powerhouse of marketing power that business and ministries simply cannot afford to ignore.

Does that mean that websites on the world-wide web is dead?

Absolutely Not!

But if you think just throwing up a website with your business phone number, address and hopefully a good bio about yourself and your business is effective … FORGET IT!! It is no longer working as a business building tool and I don’t care how much “SEO” your website has.

Now it can still serve as a good place to send people to get some basic information about you and your company however your Facebook Business Page is an even more effective place to send people to get information about you and your business.

To be effective in today’s marketplace interaction is key. Your Facebook Business Page will be far more interactive and engaging than a mere static website primarily due to the ease of delivering content and the ability for quick, instant interactions.

And with the right 3rd party apps you can literally turn your Facebook Page into a fully functional Website. The one platform that Social Media so far has not been able to replace is the blogging format. Having a Authority Blog is still a powerhouse marketing tool that has actually been enhanced and taken to new heights by Social Media, especially Facebook

So if you want to build your Online Business Empire you must first create a virtual business infrastructure beginning with a welcoming authority blog type website and a well-designed and informative Facebook Business Page. In addition to these two critical pieces of your virtual infrastructure you should also consider establishing an Instagram and Twitter presence as well.

As you create your virtual business infrastructure you also must put into place your monetization systems that will allow your business to grow and prosper. That means you need:

[+] Potential Customer or Lead Finding Systems that target your ideal clients or customers

[+] Data Capture Systems that allow you to continuously build your various customer/client lists

[+] Contact Management Systems that allow you to stay connected with your ever-growing existing client/customer and potential client/customer lists

Finally, you need both Manual and Automated Content Delivery Systems that allows you to stay connected with your existing client/customer lists and your various potential client/customer lists

Flowing through your infrastructure you also need a constant and continuous supply of engaging and relevant content that inspires, informs, that creates a chuckle every now and then and yes, content that occasionally evokes a strong emotional response.

This content must be geared specifically to your targeted client and customer base. And you have to be prepared to supply this content for as long as you remain in business. The longer that you supply relevant content through your virtual online business infrastructure the greater your brand becomes among those who would potentially do business with you.

As you continuously supply this content more and more people will get to know you, like you and ultimately trust you as the “go to authority” in your field or niche.  More and more people will seek you out to do business with you. They will recommend you to their family and friends and many will do this even if they themselves have not done business with you because they know, like and trust you…

This online world that your business is tapping into is a vast, endless 24 hour 7 day a week monster that can increase your bottom line provided you are not looking for instant gratification but for long term growth that is continuously increasing.

This may sound like a lot of work and truthfully it is. But it will dwarf any other methods of marketing you may be currently doing and it will cost you infinitely less than any of the offline marketing channels you can tap into.

In future articles and videos I will get more into the details of building this infrastructure, developing your monetization systems and creating engaging content for your particular customer/client base.

For now I want to go through some of the essential tools that you need in order to build your infrastructure.  This information is based upon years of trail error and thousands of dollars invested in learning and studying.

In reality, your entire infrastructure can be built upon two basic platforms. The first is an a Blogging Platform and the second is a Facebook Business Page Fanpage. Then in order to turn these two platforms into a dynamic business structure you also need

*Authority Blog: You no longer need a standard website anymore. Your Facebook Business Page will far more effective and engaging than any website that you can put up no matter how much you spend on it. However, the blogging format of an Authority Blog is a critical content delivery and engagement system that will work seamlessly with your Facebook Business page and Autoresponder System

*Facebook App(s): Properly set up and used your Facebook Business Page is extremely powerful but it is limited. With 3rd party apps you can expand its functionality so that now it acts as a website, lead capture system, give-away and contest systems, paid and free subscription management system, content delivery system, and so much more that you will be amazed as you learn what you can do with the right 3rd party app.

*Web Video Conferencing Software with Facebook Live Ability:The power of Online conferencing and webinars is perhaps one of the most underused tools available for online marketers. Even though you see the big gurus with huge followings using this platform every online marketer can use it with very small audiences with incredible results. Those results are accelerated when that conferencing software has the ability to broadcast through Facebook Live. Once again this is a separate topic that we will be covering more in depth with future articles, videos and of course webinars.

Now there are numerous other marketing tools you will want to eventually add to your arsenal such as video creation software, video email, various sales and lead funnels, content automation delivery systems, and more. But these four elements are critical too building your infrastructure.

Notice we have not even talked about content. In future articles and videos, we will be talking about content creation tools and tactics as well as best ways of delivering it.  But at this point I want to save you same time, money and headaches helping you get your basic unfractured set up without going through the pain and expense that I went through learning this stuff, So…

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I pray that this article was helpful and that I can be of assistance to you as you build your online empire.