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Global Virtual Opportunities Inc (GVO) has developed a revolutionary cure for the dreaded “Lack of Lead Anxiety Syndrome”. According to Dr. Joel Kiyosaki “ Lack of Lead Anxiety Syndrome’ has reached epidemic proportions and is affecting millions of entrepreneur households this season.”

Working with the GVO Inc team Dr. Joel Kiyosaki has developed the revolutionary Guaranteed Pureleverage FanPage System Cure which he highly recommends even if you have an aversion to making lots of money because you have too many leads.

According to Dr Joel Kiyosaki “This Cure Works! but you must follow the instructions and commit to obeying the core commitments, if you do, soon you will find 100% relief from the dreaded ‘Lack of Lead Anxiety Syndrome’ epidemic“

***The Pureleverage FanPage System Cure Ingredients: ***
[+] Your own web site and a domain name (value $20 a month)
[+] Your very own auto-responder (value $30 a month)
[+] The ability to capture 10 000 leads (value $30 a month)
[+] Your very own video email and streaming (value $30 a month)
[+] Your very own video webinar meeting room (value $100 a month)
[+] *NEW* The Fanpage System Lead and Sales Generator (Priceless)
[+] And a lot more!!

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 ***Pureleverage FanPage System Cure Side Effects***

People taking this cure have been known to suffer from some or all the following side effects:
[=] Quitting of JOBs
[=] Luxury car driving syndrome
[=] Increase in buying of mansion type housing
[=] Increased Vacations
[=] Penchant to send children to private schools
[=] Spending more time with family
[=] Increase in buying luxury gifts for spouse
[=] Increase in family and friends you didn’t know you had
[=] Increase in more fun activities
[=] Increased gift buying
[=] Giving of exorbitant donations to Churches and Charities
[=] Increased longevity
[=] Recognition as a FanPage System/PL Rock Star
[=] Increased Investments
[=] Increase in jealousy and envy from naysayers
[=] Increase in helping others achieve their dreams
[=] Increase in personal confidence
[=] Increase in more affluent friends
[=] Early Retirement
[=] Owning Multiple Homes
[=] Buying Of Private Jets

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2017: The Rise Of The Entrepreneur

rise2Before reading this article I wanted to say “thanks for visiting my blog” by giving you a 500 Subscriber Autoresponder System For FREE!! .. No Credit Card Necessary.. Just Click Here or Image Below
plane_with_banner_17821The year of the entrepreneur is upon us. Can you feel the energy; The Passion? It is as if a tidal wave of Entrepreneurship is about to be unleashed in 2017. We have a new President who is not only one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American History but one who has publicly stated that if he lost everything he would find a good Network Marketing Business and get busy

Think about it? Not only does he understand the traditional types of business model but he understands the Network Marketing Business Model. He has worked hand in hand with people like Robert Kiyosaki and even started his own Network Marketing Business.

Even though the Network Marketing industry is not the only industry were Entrepreneurship will thrive in 2017 it is the one industry that provides the greatest potential with the smallest investment. In fact, you have the potential to build a multimillion dollar business with initial investments as small as $300 or less.

In an interview with David Letterman Donald Trump was asked.

What he would do if he lost everything and had to start over from scratch…”

Without hesitating.

Donald Trump said that he would “find a good network marketing company and get to work.”

The audience started to hoot and boo him. He looked out at the audience and dead-panned his response…

 “That’s why I’m sitting up here and you are all sitting out there!”

 Network Marketing, provided you find the right company, is where the biggest opportunities for the entrepreneurial minded are. Robert Kiyosaki in a recent article stated

OLD Rules of Wealth No Longer Work!
– Go To School
– Get a Job
– Work Hard
– Pay Your Taxes
– Save Your Money
– Get Out of Debt
– Invest For The Long Term
– Retire”

These steps are all obsolete it is time, according to Robert Kiyosaki to “CREATE PASSIVE STREAMS OF INCOME” and the Network Marketing Industry epitomizes this concept. In fact, with today’s technologies it is easier than ever to create multiple streams of passive income.

Kiyosaki also said “Listen, we’re in a new age. We’re in the DIGITAL age. The Industrial Age is over and is now being replaced by the Information Age. This is leading to some major opportunities for everyone.”

Digital products are going to explode hand in hand with the Network Marketing Industry in 2017 and will provide the biggest growth area for entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark

If you have ever thought about getting involved in Network Marketing now is the time. I predict that Network Marketing Companies that are product driven and provide digital products that are B2B will be among the big winners in 2017.

Here are a few of my favorites 2017:

**Pureleverage** (They provide a suite of tools that all businesses need to market on the internet)
Learn More —>

**22 Social** (Facebook is no longer optional. If you are in business you must use this Social Media Platform.  However, the real power of Facebook is hidden and must be unleashed through 3rd Party apps. For businesses, both home-based and non-home-based, there is only one app that you need and it is 22 Socials app, with this app you can build mini websites, create landing pages, set up paid Facebook groups, hold contests and much more .. all within the Facebook environment.
Learn More —>

**MyOwnMeeting** Holding conference and webinars is one the most profitable practices that any business can take advantage of. But this conference software does something very few, if any, can do. That is allow you to show PowerPoint presentations, use desktop sharing, hold presentations with more than one speaker all through the most powerful meeting platform of 2016.. Facebook live… This is a must application for all business in 2017
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**GotBackUp** Let’s face we are all in danger of computers could crashing, our tablets being stolen, our cellphones braking and we have data on these devices that is priceless. Losing it can be catastrophic in some cases. Our data is no longer in megabytes but terabytes and most back up services begins to get real pricey as our data needs increase. GotbackUp has one low fee for unlimited back up.. even if it is in terabytes ..
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Soon I will be compiling a more comprehensive list but these are all worth checking into and most have a compensation plan attached to it as well. As entrepreneurs, you will love them all

Every opportunity, including those mentioned above all a constant and consistent supply of targeted quality leads. One of the most innovative systems for accomplishing this was introduced in beta around July of 2016. As we enter into 2017 it will be fully launched and right now you can get a fully functional account 100% free.

Each free account includes
[+] Free Autoresponder (500 subscribers)
[+] Free Lead Capture pages
[+] Free Lead Funnel
[+} Give A-Way rights for the entire system

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 2017 is the year of the entrepreneur make
sure you don’t miss this ride

The Home Office Deduction

home office

We all know that there are only two things guaranteed in life, death and taxes. There is nothing that I can do about death but taxes are something I can help you with.

On December 27, at 12:00 PM I will be interviewing Yvette “Tax Lady” Geater. She runs thriving practice in Long beach California and is one the Nation’s leading experts when it comes to tax reduction strategies for small business.

To register for this event please Click Here…

This is the first in several interviews that I will be conducting with leading experts who can help you run and operate your business. Some of the names of people scheduled in 2017 are Scoot Hamlin, a leading expert in Video Marketing, Andrew Lane, Founder of 22 Social and Facebook Design Master, Will Irish who put the “Ru” in Guru when it comes to Facebook Ads   and more.

We are starting off with Yvette because right after the Holidays taxes will be staring us all in the face. In this interview, we will be focusing on the Home Office Deduction.  Don’t confuse this with having a Home-Based Business. This little jewel of a deduction sis for both Home-Based Business and Non-Home-Based Business alike.

When properly used it can cause a dramatic reduction in taxes owed. In fact, when I ran my tax practice, many years ago, I was able to help my clients reduce their taxes by as much as 50% – %60 with this one deduction alone.

To register for this event please Click Here…

Looking forward to getting to know you in 2017 … This Will Be “The Year Of The Entrepreneur”

FanPage System Review

i hateejection1I Hate Rejection!

I hate bugging family and friends. And despite what many gurus have said, especially in the Network Marketing industry, I do not have to endure a ton of “no’s” just to get a single yes. The FanPage System has made it possible to build your business and create long term sustainable residual income without all the rejection.

That is why the FanPage System has created a virtual firestorm of activity on Facebook and has caught the interest of thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide and many want to know exactly;

What is the FanPage System? and..

How does it works?

In the 3 very short videos below we will attempt to answer those questions.

(NOTE: These videos have been updated to reflect the new changes in the Fanpage System as of January 14, 2016)

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3


The FanPage System: Going From Ordinary To Extraordinary

FP for FB3


14141688_1347324318628696_3454925156125831177_nWatch the rebroadcast of the webinar by Bryan L Kinney as he explaines  how the FanPage System is the first Lead Funnel designed to generate leads and guaranteed sales for the Network Marketing and Home based Business Industries. This System is turning ordinary marketers into extraordinary rock stars


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Texas Millionaire Cracks Facebook’s Million Dollar Algorithm Secret

facebook ad artice image3

The Business industry has spent millions of dollars trying to tap into the various algorithms that Facebook uses to collect, filter and deliver content to its close to 2 billon users.

You may ask Why?

Let me start by sharing a few Facts about Social Media and Facebook

Social Media is now a way of life for countless people all over the globe. Of all the various Social Media platforms Facebook has dominated all of them.

Currently as of August 2016 the latest statics show over 1.71 Billion users worldwide have a Facebook Account. That means that about 23% – 25% of planet earth has a Facebook Account and by my estimates Facebook is growing at a rate exceeding 15% per year..

If you combined all the users of..

  • Google+: 300 million users
  • Instagram: 400 million users
  • LinkedIn: 300 million users
  • Twitter: 320 million users

You would only have 1.3 billion users. Facebook exceeds all of them combined by millions of users.

Here are some more astounding facts concerning Facebook Continue reading

“5 Reasons You Must Use Facebook To Promote Your Business”

whyfb1Today there is no shortage of Social Media Platforms. There is Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and a handful of other platforms all with gurus claiming this platform or that platform can create for you unlimited wealth.

In fact, every platform has made someone wealthy so why use Facebook vs all the other Social Media Platforms to market and promote your business?

Fact is Facebook has accomplished a number of things that none of the other Social media Platforms have done.

Here are just 5 but trust me there is more

Continue reading