Are You Willing To Learn?

Residual Income

Knowledge is the first step to power. I have not worked for anyone other than myself since 1980 and one of the most profitable things I have ever done was to study and learn how to do stuff.  I discovered that people would then pay me to apply that knowledge on their behalf even when it was something simple and easy to do.

For example nothing could be easier or simpler than obtaining an EIN (employee identification number) . Even before the internet it was just a matter of a 5-minute phone call and with the internet it was made even easier than that. No matter how many times I explained how simple and easy it was to do people insisted on paying me to do it for them.

Finally I wrote a few paragraphs explaining the step by step the simplicity of getting this number and I then instructed my secretary to give it away for free to everyone who asked about getting an EIN.  She informed me that people still wanted to pay me to do it for them so I told her if they insisted charge them $135 figuring no one would want to pay that amount for something so simple.

To my amazement over and over again people paid $135 for something so easy and simple to do. Key point; knowledge is the first step to power the second step is application. But without the first step nothing happens.

For over 40 years I have been researching and studying stuff that makes me money. I admit the vast majority of stuff I have tried has failed but in each failure, I have learned valuable lessons that has helped me grow.

Key point; are you willing to learn?  One topic that has interested me is creating residual income streams. Most people talking about this topic are just regurgitating stuff they have heard from someone else and they have no idea of what they are talking about.

There are several ways of creating residual income and most of them are not easily accessible to the average person.  Stocks & Bonds, Real Estate, Interest Income and more are all extremely difficult if not impossible for the average person to obtain.

The vast majority of people talking about residual income these days are referring to a type of OPE (Other Peoples Efforts) residual income more specifically, residual income generated through the Network Marketing Business Model.

This is perhaps the most powerful method of creating substantial residual income streams for average everyday people even if they have little or no resources. In fact, the explosive power of this type of residual income could potentially dwarf all the other types.

The problem is all Network Marking Opportunities are not optimized for producing residual income.  That does not mean that the opportunity presented is not phenomenal it just means that for the purpose of creating residual income, especially residual income that is long term and sustainable, will only happen for a very small number of people and the vast majority of people will never obtain residual income success.

If Network Marketing residual income is your goal there are 8 Optimization Factors you need to know and understand.  Without understanding this, if your goal is residual income, you are just spinning your wheels.

I just completed a video training series entitled   “ How To Leverage $8.99 Into A Six Figure Residual Income Machine” In this 8 Video Training Series I not only cover the 8 Critical Factors For Residual Income Optimization but I also cover

  • The 7 Basic Types of Residual income
  • Which And Why One Is Far Superior To All Of The Others
  • Why You Need To Understand The “Power Trinity” of Leverage, Duplication and Exponential Growth.
  • How To Build A R.I.M. (Residual Income Machine) In Your Spare Time
  • How To Leverage $8.99 Into A Six Figure Residual Income Machine

This training is 100% FREE! It is there for you to learn .. if and how you apply it is up to you. The link is below

Experience has taught me that the vast majority of people seem to have an aversion to studying and learning.  They just want someone else to do everything for them.  Learning is the first step to power and hopefully you are one of those rare breed who will take the time to learn new stuff, evaluate it and then extract from it what you can use.

This training is 100% FREE! It is there for you to learn .. if and how you apply it is up to you. The link is below