9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Conduct Webinars With MyOwnMeeting

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Every type of business from Grocery Stores, Barbershops & Beauty Salons, E-Commerce Stores, Network Marketing Businesses, Tax Offices, Law Firms, you name it they all need at least 4 things in common.

  • More exposure and brand recognition
  • More customers and clients
  • More revenues and to
  • Spend to spend less money and get better results

All of this and more can now be achieved with relative ease due to a number of technological breakthroughs that are now making the internet accessible to even some of the most remotest of locations on the planet. These faster and more reliable internet connections are being accessed by an ever growing array of diverse and highly sophisticated devices from computers, laptops, phones, even watches all of which are being used to stream videos from all over the globe.

With the rise of various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook providing more platforms for videos to be seen from watching videos is easier than ever before. Facebook has especially become a major player in providing video access to it’s membership which represents almost 25% of the planets population  and they are growing at a rate of about 15% per year.

Video services like YouTube, Vimeo and now the super powerhouse Facebook Live are connecting with various these social media platforms making it easier and easier for video content to be delivered to practically everyone on the planet. All of these platforms have created a massively interconnected communications infrastructure that any business with access to a computer or phone can take advantage of.

It does not matter if your business needs to reach a local audience, a national audience or a global audience you can use video conferencing software to easily tap into these new technologies and video streaming services by conducting webinars on the internet.

Webinars are in reality live video feeds being streamed to individual devices all across the globe. Your business now easily tap into this vast infrastructure reaching hundreds, thousands even millions of potential customers and clients for your business.

Even though the cost of tapping into this vast interconnected communications infrastructure has been somewhat restrictive for small business owners the results have proven well worth the investment. Video Conferencing Software providers like GoToMeeting can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 a month a month for just 100 attendees and over $89 to $100 per month for 500 attendees or more.

Fortunately, for small business owners, a new company has come on line called MyOwnMeeting and they have not only decimated these high costs but they have a unique features that sets them apart from all the others. One of which is revolutionary in that it allows you to tap into the Power of Facebook Live which is currently dominating in its ability to reach people.

Using MyOwnMeeting any type of business, big or small, can access this vast communication infrastructure for a fraction of what services like GoToMeeting and WebEx are charging. For just $9.97 a month you can get a 100-attendee package and for just $17.97 per month you can get a 500-attendee package.

Like all high-end video conferencing software these webinars can instantly be converted into videos that can be replayed to thousands even millions of targeted viewers. This medium is growing and evolving but know is the time to get your business started

Below I list the top 9 reasons why every business needs to start using Video Conferencing Software, especially MyOwnMeeting, to produce webinars as an essential part of their marketing strategy

  1. Save Money, every business needs to market itself as inexpensively as possible. Webinars give you the ability to tap into a vast communications infrastructure that is both local, national and global for fraction of more traditional marketing methods.
  2. Increase Brand Awareness, using this medium to share about you and your business exposes you to people you would normally never reach in your targeted market. Over time as they hear more and more about you and your business your brand becomes foremost in their minds.
  3. Increased Authority and Trust, overtime as you consistently deliver content to your targeted audience they will not only get to know you they begin to like and trust you. You will become the authority that they think about whenever they are in need of your product or services.
  4. Cultivate New and Fresh Leads, you may have heard the saying the “The Money Is In The List” truthfully the money is in targeted lists of people who look forward to your content. By using your conferencing software in conjunction with tools like an autoresponders and Social Media Platforms you can cultivate a targeted list of potential clients and that you can connect with and stay connected with in more and more creative ways
  5. Recording Of Your Webinars, by recording your webinars you are able to do a number of creative things that can expand your reach to literally millions of potential clients. Here are just a few…
    —> You can turn your webinars into paid video training courses
    —> Use them as incentives for people to take a specific actions
    —>You can use them for content to be used in your email campaigns and more
  6. Tapping Into The Power Of Facebook Live, MyOwnMeeting is one of the very rare conferencing platforms that will not only allow you to tap into Facebook live but expand its functionality. Not only does Facebook increase your exposure for free when using this platform, when used with MyOwnMeeting you can use many of their features like desktop sharing with Facebook live. This alone is reason enough to use MyOwnMeeting
  7. Ease Of Use, MyOwnMeeting is just really simple and easy to use. Once you learn a few simple techniques you are off and running like a pro within minutes (well maybe in about an hour at most)
  8. Free To Try, MyOwnMeeting will allow you to test and use their software for FREE! You can test out a 500-seat conference room for two weeks without paying a dime. You don’t even need a credit card just visit and sign up with no obligation
  9. Extra Income Opportunity, another benefit of MyOwnMeeting besides being low cost and full unique features like Facebook Live they have an affiliate program that will allow anyone who wants to create an additional income stream or even developed their own conferencing business an extremely profitable opportunity Their compensation plan is uniquely tailored for creating residual income streams. As an affiliate, you will not only be paid 50% of every monthly payment made by your customers but you will also have the ability, if you so choose, to develop a massive income generating network utilizing their unique Multi-Leveled income structure

Every business type needs to consider tapping into this massive interconnected communications infrastructure and if you want a feature rich, low cost software that will allow you to do grow your business then MyOwnMeeting is the software you need to get into the lucrative business of on line webinars .

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