Building Your Online Empire Part I


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Small Business Owners, Independent Contractors, Network Marketers, and all other Entrepreneurs as well as various Ministries; Are You Taking Advantage Of The Internet and Social Media to build your Online Business Empire?

Most of us understand that the internet is no longer an optional marketing platform but it is essential for any type of business or ministry to have an internet presence. In recent years most us are also waking up to the reality that it is even more essential to have a Social Media Presence especially on Facebook.

Considering that close to 25% of the entire population on planet earth has a Facebook account and that they are growing at a rate of about 15% per year makes them the absolute biggest Social Media Platform on the planet.

And when it comes to video Facebook is seriously challenging YouTube and they are proving to be far more effective for business and ministries  in their ability to get viewership.

When you understand how to use their ad platform  Facebook is a powerhouse of marketing power that business and ministries simply cannot afford to ignore.

Does that mean that websites on the world-wide web is dead?

Absolutely Not!

But if you think just throwing up a website with your business phone number, address and hopefully a good bio about yourself and your business is effective … FORGET IT!! It is no longer working as a business building tool and I don’t care how much “SEO” your website has.

Now it can still serve as a good place to send people to get some basic information about you and your company however your Facebook Business Page is an even more effective place to send people to get information about you and your business.

To be effective in today’s marketplace interaction is key. Your Facebook Business Page will be far more interactive and engaging than a mere static website primarily due to the ease of delivering content and the ability for quick, instant interactions.

And with the right 3rd party apps you can literally turn your Facebook Page into a fully functional Website. The one platform that Social Media so far has not been able to replace is the blogging format. Having a Authority Blog is still a powerhouse marketing tool that has actually been enhanced and taken to new heights by Social Media, especially Facebook

So if you want to build your Online Business Empire you must first create a virtual business infrastructure beginning with a welcoming authority blog type website and a well-designed and informative Facebook Business Page. In addition to these two critical pieces of your virtual infrastructure you should also consider establishing an Instagram and Twitter presence as well.

As you create your virtual business infrastructure you also must put into place your monetization systems that will allow your business to grow and prosper. That means you need:

[+] Potential Customer or Lead Finding Systems that target your ideal clients or customers

[+] Data Capture Systems that allow you to continuously build your various customer/client lists

[+] Contact Management Systems that allow you to stay connected with your ever-growing existing client/customer and potential client/customer lists

Finally, you need both Manual and Automated Content Delivery Systems that allows you to stay connected with your existing client/customer lists and your various potential client/customer lists

Flowing through your infrastructure you also need a constant and continuous supply of engaging and relevant content that inspires, informs, that creates a chuckle every now and then and yes, content that occasionally evokes a strong emotional response.

This content must be geared specifically to your targeted client and customer base. And you have to be prepared to supply this content for as long as you remain in business. The longer that you supply relevant content through your virtual online business infrastructure the greater your brand becomes among those who would potentially do business with you.

As you continuously supply this content more and more people will get to know you, like you and ultimately trust you as the “go to authority” in your field or niche.  More and more people will seek you out to do business with you. They will recommend you to their family and friends and many will do this even if they themselves have not done business with you because they know, like and trust you…

This online world that your business is tapping into is a vast, endless 24 hour 7 day a week monster that can increase your bottom line provided you are not looking for instant gratification but for long term growth that is continuously increasing.

This may sound like a lot of work and truthfully it is. But it will dwarf any other methods of marketing you may be currently doing and it will cost you infinitely less than any of the offline marketing channels you can tap into.

In future articles and videos I will get more into the details of building this infrastructure, developing your monetization systems and creating engaging content for your particular customer/client base.

For now I want to go through some of the essential tools that you need in order to build your infrastructure.  This information is based upon years of trail error and thousands of dollars invested in learning and studying.

In reality, your entire infrastructure can be built upon two basic platforms. The first is an a Blogging Platform and the second is a Facebook Business Page Fanpage. Then in order to turn these two platforms into a dynamic business structure you also need

*Authority Blog: You no longer need a standard website anymore. Your Facebook Business Page will far more effective and engaging than any website that you can put up no matter how much you spend on it. However, the blogging format of an Authority Blog is a critical content delivery and engagement system that will work seamlessly with your Facebook Business page and Autoresponder System

*Facebook App(s): Properly set up and used your Facebook Business Page is extremely powerful but it is limited. With 3rd party apps you can expand its functionality so that now it acts as a website, lead capture system, give-away and contest systems, paid and free subscription management system, content delivery system, and so much more that you will be amazed as you learn what you can do with the right 3rd party app.

*Web Video Conferencing Software with Facebook Live Ability:The power of Online conferencing and webinars is perhaps one of the most underused tools available for online marketers. Even though you see the big gurus with huge followings using this platform every online marketer can use it with very small audiences with incredible results. Those results are accelerated when that conferencing software has the ability to broadcast through Facebook Live. Once again this is a separate topic that we will be covering more in depth with future articles, videos and of course webinars.

Now there are numerous other marketing tools you will want to eventually add to your arsenal such as video creation software, video email, various sales and lead funnels, content automation delivery systems, and more. But these four elements are critical too building your infrastructure.

Notice we have not even talked about content. In future articles and videos, we will be talking about content creation tools and tactics as well as best ways of delivering it.  But at this point I want to save you same time, money and headaches helping you get your basic unfractured set up without going through the pain and expense that I went through learning this stuff, So…

First: you need to like and follow two of my Facebook Pages they will help you to understand how to use your Facebook Business Pages. The links are below

Second: You can spend a lot of time, experimentation and money examining, testing and figuring out how to use various Facebook apps you simply spend under $30 per month and get the 22 Social App which is like the premium swiss army of Facebook apps. You will not need any other. Click the link below to check them out

Third: Just like you could spend a lot of money, time and energy trying to get the right Facebook apps the same is true when trying to research and find a conference room with Facebook live functionality, a high capacity autoresponder and an easy to use Authority Blog.

Save yourself the hassle and simply pick up the Pureleverage suite of tools for under $25.00 Per month. If all you got was the Authority blog, Video Conferencing with Facebook Live and a 10,000-subscriber autoresponder system this would be the deal of the century.  But you get so much more. In fact, I wrote an article that covers all the tools in this suite. You may want to read it here is the link.

But save yourself a lot of hassle, time, energy and money and just pick up this suite of tools. Click link below and you can test them out for just a Buck!

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Not only will we be going into depth about social media and internet marketing tactics and strategies; We will also cover tax reduction and audit protection strategies for small business owners; We will have guest speakers covering topics like video marketing, email marketing, Instagram marketing and more.

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Even though there is no compensation plan similar to the one with Pureleverage you can refer people and you can earn a small referral fee.

I pray that this article was helpful and that I can be of assistance to you as you build your online empire.

Are You Willing To Learn?

Residual Income

Knowledge is the first step to power. I have not worked for anyone other than myself since 1980 and one of the most profitable things I have ever done was to study and learn how to do stuff.  I discovered that people would then pay me to apply that knowledge on their behalf even when it was something simple and easy to do.

For example nothing could be easier or simpler than obtaining an EIN (employee identification number) . Even before the internet it was just a matter of a 5-minute phone call and with the internet it was made even easier than that. No matter how many times I explained how simple and easy it was to do people insisted on paying me to do it for them.

Finally I wrote a few paragraphs explaining the step by step the simplicity of getting this number and I then instructed my secretary to give it away for free to everyone who asked about getting an EIN.  She informed me that people still wanted to pay me to do it for them so I told her if they insisted charge them $135 figuring no one would want to pay that amount for something so simple.

To my amazement over and over again people paid $135 for something so easy and simple to do. Key point; knowledge is the first step to power the second step is application. But without the first step nothing happens.

For over 40 years I have been researching and studying stuff that makes me money. I admit the vast majority of stuff I have tried has failed but in each failure, I have learned valuable lessons that has helped me grow.

Key point; are you willing to learn?  One topic that has interested me is creating residual income streams. Most people talking about this topic are just regurgitating stuff they have heard from someone else and they have no idea of what they are talking about.

There are several ways of creating residual income and most of them are not easily accessible to the average person.  Stocks & Bonds, Real Estate, Interest Income and more are all extremely difficult if not impossible for the average person to obtain.

The vast majority of people talking about residual income these days are referring to a type of OPE (Other Peoples Efforts) residual income more specifically, residual income generated through the Network Marketing Business Model.

This is perhaps the most powerful method of creating substantial residual income streams for average everyday people even if they have little or no resources. In fact, the explosive power of this type of residual income could potentially dwarf all the other types.

The problem is all Network Marking Opportunities are not optimized for producing residual income.  That does not mean that the opportunity presented is not phenomenal it just means that for the purpose of creating residual income, especially residual income that is long term and sustainable, will only happen for a very small number of people and the vast majority of people will never obtain residual income success.

If Network Marketing residual income is your goal there are 8 Optimization Factors you need to know and understand.  Without understanding this, if your goal is residual income, you are just spinning your wheels.

I just completed a video training series entitled   “ How To Leverage $8.99 Into A Six Figure Residual Income Machine” In this 8 Video Training Series I not only cover the 8 Critical Factors For Residual Income Optimization but I also cover

  • The 7 Basic Types of Residual income
  • Which And Why One Is Far Superior To All Of The Others
  • Why You Need To Understand The “Power Trinity” of Leverage, Duplication and Exponential Growth.
  • How To Build A R.I.M. (Residual Income Machine) In Your Spare Time
  • How To Leverage $8.99 Into A Six Figure Residual Income Machine

This training is 100% FREE! It is there for you to learn .. if and how you apply it is up to you. The link is below

Experience has taught me that the vast majority of people seem to have an aversion to studying and learning.  They just want someone else to do everything for them.  Learning is the first step to power and hopefully you are one of those rare breed who will take the time to learn new stuff, evaluate it and then extract from it what you can use.

This training is 100% FREE! It is there for you to learn .. if and how you apply it is up to you. The link is below

If You Could Would You?

                       8-99 campign1

I Would Like To Ask You A Simple Question

What if you could take $8.99 and leverage into a six figure residual income would you take about 45 minutes of your time to learn how to get it done?

If your answer is yes, I would like to invite you to watch a free video training series that will teach you step by step just how you can do it.

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Understanding Network Marketing Residual Income


Residual income, you will feel like breaking thorough a brick wall to get it once you have a real understanding of residual income built upon the Network Marketing Business Model!!

Basically there are two definitions of residual income; One refers to the income you have left after paying your bills each month. Which is a problem because most people have little or no income left at the end of every month even if they are working a steady job.

The second type of residual income refers to income earned that continuously flows from actions previously performed. Examples of this type of income are

  • Rental Income from a home, apartment, or commercial space. This type of residual income requires tremendous financial resources to obtain and specialized skills to maintain. Even though it creates residual income dealing with tenants can still be labor intensive even years after obtaining.
  • Royalties earned for creating intellectual property like books, recordings, music, photographs, movies, television shows, etc.. This type of residual income requires talent, skill, perseverance and a good bit of luck.  If you are not super talented your odds of success is severely limited.
  • Interest earned on savings or loans made to others, unless you have inherited a fortune, or started saving at very young age and patiently waited 40 or 50 years for compounding interest to build your nest egg .. forget. It takes a lot of money to earn even a small amount of interest type residual income.
  • Ongoing income such as retirement, alimony, disability, etc. Ether you must work the same job for 30-40 years, have married well to do spouse or become physically disabled. Not the best way to earn residual income.
  • Income earned from subscription or membership services including media, online, or ongoing services requiring a monthly or periodic payment.  Depending on the persistency rate, percentage you earn from each subscription payment, the perceived necessity and ease of selling this type of income can, over time, accumulate into  substantial residual income streams.
  • Income earned through OPE or Other People’s Efforts this type of income is commonly earned when you have employees or sales people working for you. Not only do you have management and training issues you can also be confronted with payroll taxes and or the issuance of 1099’s every year.

Generally when you hear about residual income in relationship to the Network Marketing Business Model it is a reference to income earned through OPE and sometimes subscription or membership types of income as well.

Unlike the other forms of residual income earned through OPE and/or subscription/memberships services Network Marketers are independent contractors and the primary company that they are contracted with generally handles all the payroll or 1099 issues.

The contacting company also creates the bulk of the Marketing material needed to market whatever product or service being promoted.

But what really sets this business model apart from more traditional models is their multi-tiered OPE income matrix. When you have the ability to earn, even a very small amount, from everyone within this multi-tiered income matrix massive amounts of income can be generated relatively quickly.

In fact savvy Network Marketers understand that they only have to directly work with a small number of motivated marketers to get paid on the efforts of thousands even tens of thousands of other marketers because of the power of duplication and exponential growth.

In the chart below is a mathematical model illustration of what would happen if each person in this multi-tiered matrix brought in exactly 3 people per month over a 12 month period. In this model, we are only showing 9 tiers or levels (refereed to as depth). Ideally you want a company that pays you to unlimited levels or depth.

3-matrix chart

As you can see, if everyone in the matrix brought in or signed up just 3 people per month by the end of month 12 there would be 2,189,277 people from whom you could be earning OPE income.

If you averaged just 50 cents per person your monthly income would be well over a million dollars per month in residual income. In the real world, no one will build an organization where everyone was signing up 3 new people every month.

But what this illustrates is the potential of leverage and exponential growth to build massive organizations in a relatively short time. It could take months or even years to build a matrix that will produce your desired income level. But it can be done and people are doing it every day.

It does not take you finding massive numbers of people but just a few each month who will do the same. Your income potential becomes limitless. As you may have noticed from the chart above the number of people in your matrix is rather small in the beginning so it is helpful when you can earn substantial up front money and even have the ability to create an additional residual income stream strictly based upon your own efforts.

Two of my favorite products that meet these criteria is produced by a company called GVO or Global Virtual Opportunities.

Both products has a reseller program that offers a 100% commission payout in the first month, a monthly subscription that pays you 50% from the second month for as long as your client or customer keeps the product allowing you to get upfront money and build a residual income stream base upon your own efforts.

In addition each has a matrix payout system that will allow you to build residual income based upon OPE.  Because of their unique payout structure, you will be paid through unlimited depth or levels. This is why so many people are making insane money with both of these products.

  1. One is called GotbackUp. This is a cloud based back up system for your computers, laptops, cell phones and other devices. For one low monthly fee, you have unlimited backup for all of your devices. In fact this product saved me .. Click here to hear my story.
  2. The other is called Pureleverage.  This is a suite of essential tools every business needs if they want to market their business own line. It comes complete with

[+] A 5,000 Subscriber Autoresponder
[+] An Authority Blog
[+] 500 Seat Conference Room with Facebook live broadcasting abilities
[+] An Automatic Weekly Lead Generation System
[+] A Powerful Lead Magnet
[+] Video Email
[+] Weekly Training and more

You can try each of these products for just $1.00 by clicking link below

For GotBackup Click Here
For Pureleverage Click Here

Once you become a user of ether of these products you can choose to become a reseller and start building your residual income streams. Even though these are two separate and distinct products with their own payout systems if you decide to become a reseller of either one you do not have to pay an additional reseller fees to start earning income with the other.

GVO has other products and services, each with their own payout structures but when it comes to building residual income these two products are super winners. You would be hard pressed to find any product or services that give you the ability to build residual income streams quit like these two so make sure you check out each of them

For GotBackup Click Here
For Pureleverage Click Here

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How GotbackUp Saved Me

computer crash4

It was a great day and I woke up feeling pretty good, fixed myself a cup of coffee and went to fire up my somewhat new computer. And Disaster Struck!  You see I was working on a digital product to help independent contractors and business entrepreneurs reduce their tax burden. I was preparing this for an upcoming webinar that I was going to do with my friend Yvette who owns Creative Tax in Long Beach Ca.

After hours and hours of painstakingly detailed work I was ready to start uploading everything for our upcoming webinar and all of a sudden, my heart sank, a panicky feeling began to swell up within me, because without any warning at all my computer just crashed.

Nothing would work, as a veteran of crashed computers I calmed myself and began systematically going through the steps to see if  I could get everything back up and running. I was remembering the days in my tax office when I had a raid system set up just for such emergencies but since I started working from home I just never bothered to set one up.

At first I was confident that I could get everything back up and running, after all this computer was just a little over a year old but I realized nothing I did was working. It looked like I was going to have to do the one thing I dreaded most… Restoring the system back to factory conditions… for me this was a nightmare scenario.

Doing so would not only cause me to lose the work I had just done but I had over 400 gigabytes of data on my terabyte hard drive. Data that has taken me years to collect, PowerPoint presentations, articles, images, client’s data, programs but worst of all precious one of a kind pictures of my darling granddaughter.

Under my breath I cursed staples because even though I did not set up a raid system I did purchase a Terabyte, brand new Seagate Portable hard drive but the thing stopped working soon after purchasing and I never got around to replacing it. Angry, frustrated upset I finally hit the system restore erasing all the data on my computer.

Even though the system restore worked perfectly and the computer had new life working a blazing fast speeds I dreaded what came next. I could recover maybe about a third of the really old files from various older computers laying around my office but that was going to take days maybe even weeks and still I would not be able to recover the files I need and wanted the most.

And even though some of those lost files here going to cost me money what saddened me the most where those lost pictures of my beautiful granddaughter Autumn. Then I had a ray of hope. I remembered that several months ago I purchased a cloud back system called GotBackUp.

I completely forgot about it. It worked so silently in the background that I just stopped paying attention to it. And the cost was so small I barely noticed the tiny debit that came out of my account each month.   So I went to my GotBackUp account and low and behold all 400 plus gigabytes of data was saved.

With the click of a button all of my files where restored. Because I had so much data It took about a day to restore and I still had to reinstall all of my software but I was truly delighted because my granddaughter’s pictures where all there.

Moral of the story .. save yourself the anxiety and get GotBackUp. It may be just a tiny investment but it could prove to be one of the most important decision you have ever made.

Click here to get GotbackUp


9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Conduct Webinars With MyOwnMeeting

9 reasons1

Every type of business from Grocery Stores, Barbershops & Beauty Salons, E-Commerce Stores, Network Marketing Businesses, Tax Offices, Law Firms, you name it they all need at least 4 things in common.

  • More exposure and brand recognition
  • More customers and clients
  • More revenues and to
  • Spend to spend less money and get better results

All of this and more can now be achieved with relative ease due to a number of technological breakthroughs that are now making the internet accessible to even some of the most remotest of locations on the planet. These faster and more reliable internet connections are being accessed by an ever growing array of diverse and highly sophisticated devices from computers, laptops, phones, even watches all of which are being used to stream videos from all over the globe.

With the rise of various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook providing more platforms for videos to be seen from watching videos is easier than ever before. Facebook has especially become a major player in providing video access to it’s membership which represents almost 25% of the planets population  and they are growing at a rate of about 15% per year.

Video services like YouTube, Vimeo and now the super powerhouse Facebook Live are connecting with various these social media platforms making it easier and easier for video content to be delivered to practically everyone on the planet. All of these platforms have created a massively interconnected communications infrastructure that any business with access to a computer or phone can take advantage of.

It does not matter if your business needs to reach a local audience, a national audience or a global audience you can use video conferencing software to easily tap into these new technologies and video streaming services by conducting webinars on the internet.

Webinars are in reality live video feeds being streamed to individual devices all across the globe. Your business now easily tap into this vast infrastructure reaching hundreds, thousands even millions of potential customers and clients for your business.

Even though the cost of tapping into this vast interconnected communications infrastructure has been somewhat restrictive for small business owners the results have proven well worth the investment. Video Conferencing Software providers like GoToMeeting can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 a month a month for just 100 attendees and over $89 to $100 per month for 500 attendees or more.

Fortunately, for small business owners, a new company has come on line called MeetCheap and they have not only decimated these high costs but they have a unique features that sets them apart from all the others. One of which is revolutionary in that it allows you to tap into the Power of Facebook Live which is currently dominating in its ability to reach people.

Using MeetCheep any type of business, big or small, can access this vast communication infrastructure for a fraction of what services like GoToMeeting and WebEx are charging. For just $9.97 a month you can get a 100-attendee package and for just $17.97 per month you can get a 500-attendee package.

Like all high-end video conferencing software these webinars can instantly be converted into videos that can be replayed to thousands even millions of targeted viewers. This medium is growing and evolving but know is the time to get your business started

Below I list the top 9 reasons why every business needs to start using Video Conferencing Software, especially MeetCheap, to produce webinars as an essential part of their marketing strategy

  1. Save Money, every business needs to market itself as inexpensively as possible. Webinars give you the ability to tap into a vast communications infrastructure that is both local, national and global for fraction of more traditional marketing methods.
  2. Increase Brand Awareness, using this medium to share about you and your business exposes you to people you would normally never reach in your targeted market. Over time as they hear more and more about you and your business your brand becomes foremost in their minds.
  3. Increased Authority and Trust, overtime as you consistently deliver content to your targeted audience they will not only get to know you they begin to like and trust you. You will become the authority that they think about whenever they are in need of your product or services.
  4. Cultivate New and Fresh Leads, you may have heard the saying the “The Money Is In The List” truthfully the money is in targeted lists of people who look forward to your content. By using your conferencing software in conjunction with tools like an autoresponders and Social Media Platforms you can cultivate a targeted list of potential clients and that you can connect with and stay connected with in more and more creative ways
  5. Recording Of Your Webinars, by recording your webinars you are able to do a number of creative things that can expand your reach to literally millions of potential clients. Here are just a few…
    —> You can turn your webinars into paid video training courses
    —> Use them as incentives for people to take a specific actions
    —>You can use them for content to be used in your email campaigns and more
  6. Tapping Into The Power Of Facebook Live, MeetCheap is one of the very rare conferencing platforms that will not only allow you to tap into Facebook live but expand its functionality. Not only does Facebook increase your exposure for free when using this platform, when used with MeetCheap you can use many of their features like desktop sharing with Facebook live. This alone is reason enough to use MeetCheap
  7. Ease Of Use, MeetCheap is just really simple and easy to use. Once you learn a few simple techniques you are off and running like a pro within minutes (well maybe in about an hour at most)
  8. Free To Try, MeetCheap will allow you to test and use their software for FREE! You can test out a 500-seat conference room for two weeks without paying a dime. You don’t even need a credit card just visit and sign up with no obligation
  9. Extra Income Opportunity, another benefit of MeetCheap besides being low cost and full unique features like Facebook Live they have an affiliate program that will allow anyone who wants to create an additional income stream or even developed their own conferencing business an extremely profitable opportunity Their compensation plan is uniquely tailored for creating residual income streams. As an affiliate, you will not only be paid 50% of every monthly payment made by your customers but you will also have the ability, if you so choose, to develop a massive income generating network utilizing their unique Multi-Leveled income structure

Every business type needs to consider tapping into this massive interconnected communications infrastructure and if you want a feature rich, low cost software that will allow you to do grow your business then MeetCheap is the software you need to get into the lucrative business of on line webinars .

Click here to learn More about MeetCheap Video Conferencing Software

GVO Creating Potential Help For Millions Of Americans In 2017

unemployedBefore reading this article I wanted to say “thanks for visiting my blog” by giving you a 500 Subscriber Autoresponder System For FREE!! .. No Credit Card Necessary.. Just Click Here or Image Below
For the past, several years the employment trends in the US are looking bleak. Even though the news implies that jobs are being created in record numbers that facts are somewhat different. The job participation rate is at an all-time low. Only in 1948 and 1978 was it lower that it has been over the past several years. People have given up and fewer people are working now than ever before.

Having the ability to earn a living is becoming harder and harder. The old paradigm, go to school get a good job retire comfortably, is not working anymore. Families and individuals are desperately trying to save money and make ends meet

Consider that…

In 2014 Obamas, Affordable Health Care Act will have required businesses to provide a qualified health plan to anyone who works more than 30 hour per week or pay a $2000.00 fine. In testimony before Congress the National Federation of Independent Business testified that this is a “new low”.

Every employer has been forced to define part-time employment as being under 30 hours a week and most use between 20-27.5 hours just to be safe.  This asl cut part timers income and leaves a hole in employment.

According to The University of Berkeley Center for Labor research 2.3 million workers or nearly 2% are at great risk of having hours cut below 30 hours a week. Labor advocates in the service industry are calling it the “Obama Dodge.”

When you combine this with the fact that according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics approximately 41.4% of the population over 16 is unemployed and that the last time it was this low was in 1983

Even worse for young adults and minorities

When you combine this with other sources we find that the unemployment and underemployment rates for people under 25 were more than double those for workers over 35.

And young adult Hispanic workers experience unemployment rates of 25 percent higher than those of whites, while African Americans face rates approximately double.

It is not just the younger population that is in trouble…..

According to CBS News Money Watch, many baby boomers approaching retirement are finding that they haven’t taken sufficient measures to replace their former paychecks with reliable income that lasts the rest of their lives. This represents a significant challenge for individual families and our society in general — a challenge that needs attention.

One solution for both the younger and older generations is a company by the name of Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO. GVO is a Next Gen Network Marketing Company that is on the cutting edge of today’s internet and social media technologies.

GVO and was founded in 1998 by Joel Thieren a renowned internet marketing veteran who works with many of the top marketers around the world. They began as an internet web hosting company in Canada under the name of Kiosk.

It was at the end of 1999 when I began to use his hosting service as well as some of his products such as FFA leads and super-sponder, which for that day and time was cutting edge technology, to help build my property management and tax business

He later created Hot Conference in May 2004 and Opportunity Meeting Place in 2006 both products helped him grow so big that Canada could not handle their bandwidth needs so they moved to Texas in 2008.

In 2009 Joel consolidated all his business interests under the name Global Virtual Opportunities or GVO. This name set the tone of Joel’s vision of creating virtual products that could be marketed on a global scale.

Since that time he has created many different products .. here are a few of the most successful ones

GVO Free Fanpage System

GVO wanted a way to ensure that regardless of what one’s financial situation was they would have the ability town and run there on business. So, they devised a lead generating system that anyone can get 100% for free. They also wanted everyone to be able to succeed with no excuses so not only is the Fanpage System free but included with the system at no additional charges (meaning FREE) are..

[+] A Fully functional 500 subscriber Autoresponder (500 subscribers)

[+] 3 Highly Converting Lead Capture pages

[+] Guaranteed Lead Funnel System (delivers leads every week. This is unheard of)

[+] Free Training on how to market online

[+} Free Give A-Way rights for the entire system

[+] And a lot more

With this system you have the ability to generate leads for any program you desire. Not just the GVO programs

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GVO WebHosting

GVO has been providing quality web hosting since their inception. They have numerous web hosting packages and Webhost Reseller Packages that can be tailored to your individual needs


Is a comprehensive web hosting and marketing suite designed for internet Marketers. With this package you can not only host up to 4 domains but you also get

  1. 500 subscriber Cutting Edge Auto Responder
  2. Blogger builder software that will allow you to easily build word press blogs
  3. Easy Video producer which will allow you to make quick videos on the fly
  4. A 5 seat Conference room
  5. And whole lot more all for just $9.99 per month


There is nothing more powerful for reaching people and educating them as to what you have to offer. Unfortunately, until now, using this medium has been very restrictive. Basically, all you can do is shot a video from your cellphone which limits your ability to utilize more effective teaching tools like PowerPoint and desktop sharing.

Recently GVO released a MyownMeeting Conference Software that has so many features that no other conference software product even comes close. But one cutting edge feature you want to take advantage of is its ability to expand the power of Facebook live.

With this software you can
[+] Conduct interviews and have guest speakers in real time
[+]  Show PowerPoint Presentations
[+]  Use Desk Top Sharing
[+]  Have all your Conference automatically uploaded into Facebook
[+] And More

Right now, for a limited time you can get a 500 seat Conference Room for free so you see just  how powerful this cutting edge software is


Free Marketing Lifestyle Coaching:

This is Joel’s way of giving back giving real value to anyone who wants to learn both basic and advance marketing tactics for their business. All teachers have to have made close to million dollars strictly through internet and social marketing.

No matter what type of business you have this is something you need to look into. It is 100% FREE and you don’t need a credit card ever!


This package was designed for serious Network Marketers and other small business owners who want to tap into the full power of internet marketing and social media marketing to build their business.

With this package, you get:

[+] Your own web site and a domain name (value $20 a month)
[+] Your very own auto-responder (value $30 a month)
[+] The ability to capture 10 000 leads (value $30 a month)
[+] Your very own video email and streaming (value $30 a month)
[+] Your very own video webinar meeting room (value $100 a month)
[+] *NEW* The Fanpage System Lead and Sales Generator (Priceless)
[+] And a lot more!!


And most recently GotBackUp which provides automatic unlimited backup for all of your digital devices is perhaps the most exciting product GVO has ever developed. After one year they have maintained an unheard of 92% customer retention rate.

This is another exceptional opportunity as well as a much-needed service

Click Here To Learn More About GotBackUp

But that is not the end of the story…

GVO has created an opportunity for business minded individual to build multiple residual income streams from the sale of these highly successful products. There are basically two ways entrepreneurs are using GVO to build successful businesses.

As a Web Hosting Reseller and Affiliate

  1. As a Web Host Reseller/Affiliate you can now charge people for web hosting and keep 100% of what you charge. You can even give away web hosting accounts as an incentive to get people to join your other programs
  2. You Earn Commissions from the sale of various GVO web hosting packages including HostthenProfit
  3. You earn commissions from the other web hosting Resellers/affiliates in your downline

Click here to learn more about the GVO Web Host Reseller and Affiliate programs

As A GVO Reseller:

Even though web hosting is the core of GVO they have expanded well beyond and have dedicated themselves to developing virtual products that have a global market. Both Pureleverage and Gotbackup are the first two separate standalone products that reflect this new direction and are more to come

GVO Resellers pay a monthly fee of $19.97 per month. This gives them the ability to build separate business around each of these type of GVO products. To earn commission’s as a Reseller simply becomes a user for the products that they like and start earning income from that product sales and incomes from all of their resellers.

Both types of resellers are compensated through a network marketing business model that allows you to get paid on unlimited width. As a Web Host Reseller/Affiliate you get paid to 10 levels deep and as a GVO Reseller you get paid to unlimited depth.

One thing that is unique about GVO that sets them apart from all other Network Marketing companies is that they are not dependent upon the sales made from there resellers to pay their bills and keep them in business.

Over the years, they have built a substantial income from their web hosting services and as a result they are able to higher commission’s than any other Network Marketing Company. In fact, with their GVO reseller program they pay out 100% of the commission’s on the sale of their products.

Even though you only need to pay one Reseller fee both products have separate commission structures

Click here for GotBackup Commission Structure

Click here for Pureleverage Commission Structure

Thousands of people are already generating lifetime residual income streams from just a few hundred dollars a month to over a million dollars a year just for sharing GVO products and services with others.

GVO is giving struggling families, who need to make ends meet, the opportunity to do so by tapping into a global market utilizing cutting edge internet and social media tools. My suggestion is start with the Free Fanpage System and then pick one GVO product and focus on building it into a lucrative online business

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